YUI 2.4.0 Finally Released!

Yesterday was released the latest version of Yahoo Javascript library – YahooUI. It’s available for download and full documentation is also online at their site.

What is new:

Selector Utility: The YUI Selector Utility implements much of the CSS Selector syntax as defined by the W3C, including the proposed CSS3 Selector extensions.

Charts Control: The Charts Control draws data from the same DataSource Utility that underpins the YUI DataTable Control, making it possible to do combined chart/table visualizations. The Charts Control accepts CSS style information, allowing you to skin the chart itself without touching the underlying .swf file.
charts dt YUI 2.4.0 Finally Released!

Get Utility: Get provides an interface for dynamically adding script nodes and CSS link nodes to the page.

Profiler: Profiler allows you to target specific code for profiling and to retrieve profiling data programmatically while your application is running — in any A-Grade browser.

JSON Utility

buttons YUI 2.4.0 Finally Released!

Calendar: Satyen Desai has added built-in year navigation to the YUI Calendar Control.
calendar navigator YUI 2.4.0 Finally Released!

Drag & Drop: If your implementation requires simple drag-to-reposition functionality, this configuration option suppresses the complex targeting and interaction logic that is the most computationally intensive aspect of drag and drop; in those cases, you’ll see significant performance boosts.

Rich Text Editor: Dav continues to push the YUI Rich Text Editor in both size and performance. With 2.4.0, you can better control the dependency list, allowing you to shave more than 50% off the overall k-weight of the widget (vs. its 2.3.1 profile) if you don’t need some of the glossier UI elements.

For full list of changes and more explanation words, please visit here.

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