X/HTML 5 Interview

Ian Hickson (Hixie) has been interviewed regarding X/HTML 5.

There is some good stuff in the interview including:

* New datagrid “which is a tree view/list view control with built-in support for AJAX-backed data stores, so you can do something like the typical Webmail view of all your tens of thousands of e-mails, but instead of only showing 20 at a time, you can just scroll through all of them, without having to actually download them all until they’re needed.”

* Offline indicator: A simple API to ask if you are on or offline. There was talk of this with the Apollo team. It turned out to be a harder problem than Adobe thought, and there are levels of checking (are you on a network. are you on an intranet. etc).

* Cross domain and cross frame communication

* Scoped CSS: Wouldn’t it be nice to say ’style this content with these rules’? This way you could have the user generated content in a nice sandbox (e.g. RSS reader)
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