Windows 7 vs. Mac OS X Snow Leopard Comparison

Wanna see Windows 7 compared to Mac OS X Snow Leopard? Well have a look at Paul’s article over here.

Here is a small quote of his writings:

On the Windows side, Windows Vista was a major release of Windows, and a huge technological change from Windows XP. By comparison, Windows 7 is a fine-tuning of Windows Vista, a chance for Microsoft to delve into every single nook and cranny of the system, internally and externally, improving everything in ways large and small. The result is a wonderful update, but one that will be more dramatic to XP users than Vista users.

Mac OS X Leopard was the latest in a long list of evolutionary OS X upgrades that date back to the original OS X release in 2001. That first Mac OS X version was, as you’d expect, a major release. But Apple’s strategy has been to refine, refine, refine, and while they’ve marketed and sold each subsequent update as if it were a major release, none of them have been, not really. Snow Leopard continues this trend, but in even more explicit form, with Apple finally admitting with this release, for the first time, that it’s just fine-tuning what came before. But that’s just fine. Like Windows, Mac OS X is a mature operating system, and while my description of the previous several updates as minor release may rankle Apple fanatics, we can at least all agree that Mac OS X, today, is in good shape. Snow Leopard will be the best version yet, but it doesn’t change the Mac OS X user experience much at all.

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