Two interesting posts!

I have severe lack of time so thats the reason to blog about the following posts in one short notice. Few weeks ago I came across Matt Berseth’s blog and made me quite good impression. He blogs frequently and providing quality posts. His last two I liked a lot.

The first one was about how to create image reflections. He describes three practices:

image%7B0%7D%5B4%5D Two interesting posts!

– Browser Specific Client Side Solution
– Cross Browser Client Side Solution
– Cross Browser Server Side Solution

Which one we choose is a matter of what we really want – rendering time or support for all browsers.

Then he wrote about my favourtite IDE – Visual Studio 2008. Matt described how we can use the new ListVew control plus adding DataPager control and extend it with SliderExtender Control from AjaxControlToolkit.

image%7B0%7D Two interesting posts!

This post is provided with demo and source code for download. Thanks Matt!

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