Two interesting database related articles

logo header sql08 dg Two interesting database related articlesThe first one is about INSERT with SQL 2008 By Don Schlichting. Here is a short introduction.
This article will explore the various methods of using an INSERT statement with SQL Server 2008. After database Tables are created, a method to perform basic data manipulation tasks like inserting, modifying and deleting data is needed. Such data manipulation is accomplished through SQL Server’s own dialect of Structured Query Language (SQL) called Transact SQL or (T-SQL). TSQL Commands can be executed by typing them in directly to SQL Server, or graphically though the SQL Server Management Studio. The SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is an easy to use and intuitive graphical tool that lets you build and manage your database graphically. This article will explore the INSERT command of T-SQL’s Data Manipulation Language (DML).
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logo mysql sun a Two interesting database related articlesThe second one is about Five Query Optimizations in MySQL By Sean Hull. Again here is a short expert:
Query optimization is the often overlooked part of applications. Development schedules being what they are, getting the right results and getting the application working are the main priorities. So thoroughly testing, and benchmarking queries is often left as an afterthought.

With our short introduction to query optimization in MySQL, we hope to encourage at least some attention to these issues up front. We’ll also help you identify some of the more common optimizations you may run across.

Both are quite interesting read. Enjoy!

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