The ways HTML5 vs. Flash could change gaming on the internet

It was never expected that there would be a battle between Flash Player and HTML5 to become the primary multimedia platform amongst internet users. This two multimedia platform is usually used in online casinos if you want to know more about this, you may click here now and unravel which platform is the best for online casino sites. This was down to Flash appearing to be in an unassailably dominant position. However since Apple made the controversial announcement that it would not be supporting Flash Player on any of its mobile devices, the long working partnership between the two companies diminished leading to HTML5 closing the gap with the support of Apple. By now you may have noticed that most of the new casino websites such as Casino 666 and the likes are using HTML5 as the main multimedia platform.

So what does the fight between the two mean for the internet?

Well depending on which of the two platforms comes out on top in the end it could make a serious difference to gaming. HTML5 allows the media used in games such as video, animation and graphics to be supported within the site while Flash requires to be downloaded externally. At the moment Flash is still the most popular choice with gamers, but this is less to do with it being a superior platform and more to do with there currently being more Flash-compatible games available. Most of these Flash-compatible games are casino and board games, which many play after using an appropriate promo code. This is not likely to remain the case forever, it begins with slot heaven shifting multimedia platform, and with more and more online casino sites turning to HTML for their mobile casino options the latter could really begin to win gamers over.

Just as with mobile sites, HTML5 looks a better supported option for those who do not want to have to keep downloading tools to their computers. The simple fact that it allows media to be supported on the site itself, rather than requiring a plug-in, means that it tends to be more stable and less liable to crash. This is particularly significant for games and sites such as These type of sites require a lot of investment of time in order to play them successfully – because if the platform crashes during the course of a long game it can seriously damage your chances of winning.

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