The Future of .NET: Visual Basic, the CLR and Managed JScript

This one I found today, it was published on 18th of Dec by Tony Davis on Its quite interesting post I loved reading it.
Here is a short brief:
Visual Basic v9 appeared on November 19. In the past, the new release of Microsoft’s longest-running language might have caused a stir, but it was part of Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and there were plenty of other distractions. The changes to VB itself were pretty minor: The ‘Inline IF’ was finally retired in favour of a true ternary IF. We got support for LINQ, Lambda expressions like those of Python, support for XML Literals, and Type Inference. Hopefully, the real changes to the language will come with Visual Basic v10, which will use the Dynamic Language Runtime, and benefit from experience gained in the development of IronPython. It is set to be released with Silverlight 2 as ‘Dynamic Visual Basic’. In the meantime C# continues to increase its dominance in the .NET world. Poor JScript.NET seems to be in terminal decline despite its high quality, though it is, like VB, promised a DLR makeover for SilverLight, and is likely to be renamed ‘Managed JScript’.

For .NET scripting, things already look a lot livelier, thanks in part to the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR). IronPython and PowerShell have, in the past year, found good solid niches, thanks to their effortless access to the CLR and, in the case of IronPython, excellent tutorials and good compatibility with existing Python code. We all hoped for more with IronRuby, which now seems to be stuck in a pre-alpha limbo due more to legal than technical problems. This is disappointing for those of us who liked some of the ideas in Ruby on Rails. While we wait for Ruby, there is Boo and Nemerle to play with.
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