Ten New Things in WebKit 3

icon gold Ten New Things in WebKit 3Apple’s site can tell you a lot about the new end-user features of Safari 3. But a lot of the goodness is on the inside, in the WebKit engine that powers Safari. Here’s a list of ten of the most exciting engine enhancements since the Safari 2 version of WebKit, with lots of details and demos. These features are all included in the WebKit that comes with Safari 3 – you don’t have to download nightlies or anything else to get them.

1. Enhanced Rich Text Editing
2. Faster JavaScript and DOM
3. Faster Page Loading
4. SVG
5. XPath
6. New and Improved XML Technologies
7. Styleable Form Controls
8. Advanced CSS Styling
9. Reduced Memory Use
10. Web Developer Tools

One of the best WebKit improvements is the availability of Web Developer tools, the Web Inspector and the Drosera JavaScript debugger. I can’t really describe these better than the original blog posts, so here’s some screenshots and links to the original posts:
newinspector Ten New Things in WebKit 3
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