Software Solutions for your businesses

cis software Software Solutions for your businesses
A North American pioneer in information technology, CIS Group has created a full range of innovative software solutions to support businesses in furthering their success. For more than 30 years, CIS Group has been developing an impressive level of expertise across a wide number of related fields, including distribution, delivery routes (DSD), sales automation software and merchandising, Bus and Coach Solutions and trucking transportation operations.

Today CIS Group is one of the largest providers of mobile software solutions in North America, helping companies maximize productivity, decrease distribution costs, and enhance profitability. Their innovative solutions have proven track records. They are responsible for the automation of over 8000 routes and reps throughout North America, making them a leading provider of software solutions for mobile sales, merchandising and direct store delivery software. CIS has offices in the US, Canada and Costa Rica.

Product list CIS Group is offering is really impressive! Here is a short description of the main four:
Companion suite
pave menu1 Software Solutions for your businessesEverything connects. Full visibility and control over activities taking place on the road. Companion automates the activities of mobile personnel, increasing overall productivity and profitability. Including route accounting software – Direct Store Delivery (DSD)!

Coach suite
pave menu2 Software Solutions for your businessesEverything is connected. Reservations, vehicles, parts, destinations, drivers, wages, so that you can spend your time on what’s most important: transport.

Rapid suite
pave menu3 Software Solutions for your businessesRapid ® is the most complete integrated planning tool for the transportation industry. It is the solution that allows instant tracking of all resources, as well as providing at all times the trip status and exact operation costs.

pave menu6 Software Solutions for your businessesThe Cargo ® system facilitates fleet management by providing real time information on the costs and performance of your different departments. Cargo ®combines flexibility and ease of use. It covers all the transactions related to your vehicles.

In conclusion I can say that you can trust in the expertise of CIS Group!

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