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The Silverlight team has released a new version today at the MIX with .NET support.

Here is a list fo whats new in 1.0 Beta:

* Improved install experience
* VideoBrush (used to paint shapes and text with video content)
* WMS streaming support
* Media markers/script command support
* Playlist support (ASX subset)
* Improved video playback smoothness
* Cleaned-up animation model
o Animations now go in a Canvas.Resources block
* Support for downloading and unpacking .zip files
* Support for cross-domain downloads
* Improved text rendering
* Ink support
* Improved javascript programming
o Enum support
o Better error handling
o Support for delegates as event handlers
o Sandboxed javascript mode
* Namescope support
* New properties for UI manipulation:
o Z-Index
o Visibility
o IsHitTestVisible
* Downloading fonts for TextBlock

Over here is a complete list of new features as well as whats changed to Alpha 1.1
Apart from that there is a good review of the major “Breaking Changes”(such as control installation etc) that you might come across.
Check them out!

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