New "Orcas" Language Feature: Lambda Expressions

Scott Guthrie is as usually explaining the new features of the new Orcas Studio. This time he looks over the Lambda Expressions. Up to now they arent supported in VB but only in C#. Looking forward to see them in VB!

So here is what Scott wrote:
step1 New "Orcas" Language Feature: Lambda Expressions

What are Lambda Expressions?

C# 2.0 (which shipped with VS 2005) introduced the concept of anonymous methods, which allow code blocks to be written “in-line” where delegate values are expected.

Lambda Expressions provide a more concise, functional syntax for writing anonymous methods. They end up being super useful when writing LINQ query expressions – since they provide a very compact and type-safe way to write functions that can be passed as arguments for subsequent evaluation.
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