My new source control system

vs My new source control system

Everybody is aware of the need for source control! As I develop software with Visual Studio 2008, integration with this IDE is a must. Today I was lucky to find that Unified SCC supports Visual Studio Subversion integration so I easily changed my source control system.

What made me choose Unified SCC one might ask. Well, first of all its about the perfect user support. The guys on their team replied quite fast and with patience on my questions. Then it was a combination of all these advantages that made me choose Unified SCC:

* No need to keep file structure in sync manually. You can rename, move, add or remove files and folders right in the IDE, and plugin will execute necessary source control commands automatically.
* Easy access to source control operations
* File status icons and pending modifications window
* File history viewer and comparison support
* Works via MSSCCI – native source control integration interface for many programs
* Supports both edit-merge-commit and lock-edit-commit work models
* Auto file locking feature – applies to those files that can’t be modified concurrently (pictures, binary files, etc)
* Source control repository can be set for each project independently
* Atomic commits support

At the current moment, Unified SCC supports the following version control systems – Subversion and CVS as more integrations are comming soon. Unified SCC can be used with Microsoft Visual Studio, Borland Delphi, Microsoft Visio, MatLab and 3D Studio Max.

You can download a trial from here.

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