My First Orcas Beta1 Review

vwd on My First Orcas Beta1 Review
Last night I had the chance(meaning time) to download and install the new Beta1 release. Here will share some of my first impressions. Actually I played with WebDeveloper Express version and that one left me with very nice impression.

After clean install on my quite old PC seems very light and not memory consuming. I started new ASP.NET project and wrote some lines. What is obvious is that in the control toolbox on the left you can find all old set of controls as weel as some new ones like AJAX controls. Havent chance to play and investigate much but I have noticed nice and new XML controls.

That Express edition comes with lightweight web server which runs aside IIS, so you dont need to upgrade it or make any configuration there.

While writting code new intellisense made me nice impression as well as the ability to omit function parameters which arent used in the function body.

Stay tooned for more after the weekend.

Here is a link to updated Visual Studio Orcas Samples
Here is a link to Visual Web Developer Orcas Express Edition

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