Looking for anti-spam filter?

These days everyone needs protection against SPAM, viruses and Internet attacks. Me and my small blog are no different that the rest web sites and small businesses. Few days ago I encountered very strange activity around my email server which ended in having my all email addresses spammed. I cleaned them all but needed a permanent anti spam filtering solution to avoid future problems. That’s how I met the guys at Perimetec Solutions.

perimetec logoindex Looking for anti spam filter?

What they offer is something really cool – a complete set of products for every business:

Barracuda Spam Firewall – that’s what I choosed to protect my email server. In fact they offer both software and hardware protection.

– Barracuda Web Filter – content filtering and application blocking, also must have product.

– Barracuda IM Firewall – monitor your messaging activity.

– Barracuda Load Balancer – helps you maintaining high uptime on your server.

– Barracuda Message Archiver – email archiving solution.

– Barracuda Web Application Controllers – this one consist of Barracuda Web Application Firewall and the Barracuda Application Gateway which combined offer protection against hackers attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in your application.

Also highly recommended is to visit the FAQ section where you can find answers to a lot of questions. And what I really liked about this web site is that they offer you a free trial! So you can test their web security services for 30 days completely free.

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