Lambda Expressions in MSDN magazine

As I mentioned before one of the new cool features of .Net 3.5 are the lambda expressions. Recently MSDN magazine released its September issue which features an article for the lambda expressions. Its quite extensive as it covers you need to know plus small syntax examples. Here is what you can find there:
– What are Lambda Expressions?
– Lambda Expressions as Callbacks
– Why Add Lambda Expressions?
– Type Inference
– Code Generation under the Hood
– Lambda Expressions and Variable Lifting
– Make the Most of Lambda Expressions

Here is how its starts:

Lambda expressions, new in Visual BasicĀ® 2008, are a handy addition to any programmer’s toolbox. They are callable entities that are defined within a function, and they’re first-class citizens; you can return a lambda expression from a function and you can pass lambda expressions to other functions. Lambda expressions were added to Visual Basic 2008, formerly code-named “Orcas,” in order to support Language Integrated Queries (LINQ), which adds data programmability to Visual Basic (more on that later). As you use lambda expressions, you will begin to see the power and flexibility they promote. I invite you to sample the basic concepts of lambda expressions, explore their benefits, and witness how to use them to write more expressive programs.

Here you can read the rest

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