jQuery 1.1.3: 800%+ Faster, still 20KB

jquery jQuery 1.1.3: 800%+ Faster, still 20KB

Today jQuery team released a speedy version 1.1.3 of the jQuery JavaScript library. The new release come with more than 80 bugfixes and 800%+ of speed improvements, in addition to some new features and enhancements. Highlights include:

  • Improved speeds, with DOM traversal over 800% faster than in 1.1.2.
  • A re-written event system, with more graceful handling of keyboard events.
  • A re-written effects system (with an accompanying fx test suite), featuring faster execution and better cross-platform support.

There are more enhancements planned for the next releases of jQuery. jQuery 1.1.4 is already planned for the end of July, and it will be the last release of the jQuery 1.1 branch. The next generation of jQuery will begin with the 1.2 release, planned for late August, and it will include more new features and enhancements as you can read in the 1.2 Roadmap.

Browser jQuery 1.1.2 jQuery 1.1.3 % Improvement
IE 6 4890ms 661ms 740%
Firefox 2 5629ms 567ms 993%
Safari 2 3575ms 475ms 753%
Opera 9.1 3196ms 326ms 980%
Average improvement: 867%

Additionally, we tested the improved code base against some of the other popular selector libraries, again with the SlickSpeed test suite.

Browser Prototype jQuery Mootools Ext Dojo
IE 6 1476ms 661ms 1238ms 672ms 738ms
Firefox 2 219ms 567ms 220ms 951ms 440ms
Safari 2 1568ms 475ms 909ms 417ms 527ms
Opera 9.1 220ms 326ms 217ms 296ms 220ms

A couple things to notice when looking at the speed suite results are that:

  • We’re over 800% faster than we were in jQuery 1.1.2.
  • We’re the fastest framework in the most popular browser, Internet Explorer 6.
  • We’re the only framework that doesn’t give incorrect results.
  • And all of this comes at no expense to you — jQuery is still the same 20KB that you’ve come to expect and enjoy.

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