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ig javafx architecture Java anounces JavaFX

The Java revolution, which started more than a decade ago, gains even more momentum with today’s announcement of JavaFX, a new Java innovation targeted at the billions of consumer devices and computers powered by Java technology. JavaFX is a new family of Java technology-based products that will help content providers create and deploy rich Internet applications (RIA). Available today are the first two JavaFX releases: JavaFX Script and JavaFX Mobile.

A new scripting language, JavaFX Script gives Java developers the power to quickly create content-rich applications for the widest variety of clients, including mobile devices, set-top boxes, desktops, even Blu-ray discs. Content creators now have a simple way to develop content for any Java Powered consumer device.

JavaFX Mobile is a complete software system for mobile devices. It is available via OEM licenses to carriers, handset manufacturers, and other companies that want to simplify and accelerate the development of a powerful standardized software system that can be leveraged across a wide range of consumer devices. In addition:

  • JavaFX allows content creators to create rich media content without relying on developers, including drag and drop of desktop and mobile content to the desktop, something that is not possible in any other RIA.
  • JavaFX Script offers a close integration with other Java components (applications and infrastructure) running on server and client platforms, enabling a rich end-to-end experience for developers and users.
  • JavaFX Script takes advantage of the Java security model so consumers can securely access assets (e.g., pictures, music files, word documents) on their desktop.

Dynamic Interactive Content on Any Device

You can’t always predict what devices or platforms your customers will be using and with JavaFX, you don’t have to. Unlike other device platforms built around proprietary technologies, JavaFX Mobile uses industry standard technologies–this means that applications built with JavaFX can run on a wide range of Java-enabled devices, and content providers can add them to their devices quickly. The latest standards, including the Mobile Services Architecture set of device APIs, are tightly integrated in JavaFX Mobile, so developers have a rich set of highly portable capabilities.

Consumers are looking for exciting, dynamic content on the Web and expecting a more interactive experience with Web services. JavaFX can help you deliver visually compelling applications, such as maps and mashups, video, audio, and pictures, that you can standardize across cell phones, TVs, and more. The new scripting language can be closely integrated with other Java components that already run on servers and clients. And because it’s built around open standards, the JavaFX technologies offer the companies that create rich Internet applications faster time to market and enhanced consistency for apps and services.

JavaFX lets you give your constantly connected consumers what they’re looking for–a stunning user experience on whatever device they’re currently online with, whether they’re sitting in front of their desktop, whiling away their commute time with their PDAs, or relaxing at home.

Write Once, Run Anywhere

Applications written with JavaFX Script take advantage of Java technology’s established traits, such as write-once-run-anywhere portability, application security, ubiquitous distribution, and enterprise connectivity.

The uniqueness of JavaFX Script comes from its ability to leverage the proven power of the Java platform and from Java’s widespread market penetration, given its unparalleled ubiquity running across 9 out of 10 PCs and mobile devices.

In addition, JavaFX Script can support user interfaces of any size or complexity; it is statically typed and can take advantage of Java’s programming models–such as code structuring, reuse, and encapsulation features–that make it possible to build and maintain large programs in JavaFX Script. JavaFX Script will appeal to content authors because the structure of the written code closely matches the actual layout of the GUI, and it’s easier to understand and maintain. JavaFX Script will also appeal to Java developers and can be leveraged via a NetBeans plugin.

Download the JavaFX Code, Join the Community

Go to to join the JavaFX community and download the JavaFX Script alpha code. Contribute to it and participate in Sun’s ongoing enhancement of the new family of Java products.

From smart cards to mobile phones to enterprise applications and supercomputers, Java technology has become one of the world’s most significant and pervasive platforms. Java technology truly is everywhere. The JavaFX family will make it easier than ever to build and quickly deploy rich Internet applications and interactive content on clients ranging from the browser to devices.

Learn more about JavaFX.
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