iPhone Browser Capabilities and Guidelines

iphone2 iPhone Browser Capabilities and Guidelines
Some iPhone browser capabilities and restrictions:

  • 10MB max html size for web page
  • Javascript limited to 5 seconds run time
  • Javascript allocations limited to 10MB
  • 8 documents maximum loaded on the iPhone due to page view limitations
  • Quicktime used for audio and video
  • No Java
  • No Flash

and in features:

  • the page view feature lets you look at multiple websites and documents by scrolling thru them one after another
  • Full PDF support
  • double tap for zoom in
  • one finger as a mouse used to
  • two fingers as a mouse used to
  • new telephone links allows you to integrate phone calls directly from your webpage. remember this is only on safari.
  • built in google maps client for integrated mapping from your website

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