Introducing LINQ – Part 2

Granville Barnett has provided us with his second part of his ‘Introducing LINQ’ articles. In the first one he explained LINQ basics and gave some examples. In that one he goes further by giving a specific example how do we use LINQ to SQL file.

Conceptual data access layer?

Conceptual what?! If you are familiar with the concept of a database schema then you don’t have much to worry about! You can think of a conceptual data access layer as being your applications view of the database.

I don’t want to bog you down with entities yet! That will come in part 3 of this series. Just know that what we deal with from our applications point of view is a series of entities describing the tables and relationships in our database schema. I will let you look forward to the diagrams explaining all of this in the next part!

Here is the original!

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