Intellisense in ASP.NET Orcas Beta 1

Found that post on Rick Strahl’s web log, over here he describes different situations in which JS Intellisense is and isnt working in new VS 2008. Check it out:

So I’m trying to understand what actually works and what doesn’t with Orcas JavaScript Intellisense. I’ve used Orcas for a bit now and unfortunately I’ve had little luck on getting Intellisense support with my non-MS AJAX libraries. My own libraries don’t work and neither does anything in Prototype, Scriptalicious or jQuery.

It appears that Orcas does fine with any straight function and variable definitions. If I have an ASPX page or a backing .js file and all I have in there is plain functions as is often the case with front end UI code I get Intellisense on this functionality.

The real issue has to do with class/object recognition. The problem there of course is that there are many, many different ways in JavaScript to define a ‘class’ (there really are no classes only closures that act like them ) and Orcas Intellisense only supports some of these formats.

So I set up a a sample JS file that checks for different class formats and how the Intellisense works for them. I created a simple ASPX page and added a reference to a script file. The comments indicate whether the structure is visible to Intellisense.

And then created the JS file with the following:

I might be missing other ways here – if you see one of those leave a comment and I’ll add it here. It seems it would be good to know what does and doesn’t work.

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