Google AJAX Feed API Review

code sm Google AJAX Feed API ReviewGoogle keeps providning us with great services everyday. Today lets have a look at newly released AJAX Feed API. According to Mark Lucovsky from Google you can: “mash up feeds using only a few lines of JavaScript rather than dealing with complex server-side proxies”

JavaScript and XMLHttpRequest use the Same-Origin Policy (SOP). With this policy, scripts can access data from the same host from which the containing page of HTML was served, but not other hosts. This protects users from certain classes of scripting attacks, but prevents many developers from writing AJAX-based mashups. The Google AJAX Feed API offers a simple workaround to these restrictions for a specific type of content available on the web: syndication feeds.

The AJAX Feed API can return feeds in two formats: JSON and XML. By default, the API returns the feed in the JSON format.

The AJAX Feed API JSON format is an abbreviated, canonicalized version of the original feed. It maps Atom and RSS attributes like title, description, and summary to a set of common JSON properties so that you can access Atom and RSS feeds uniformly. For example, the JSON result format returns RSS attribute description as the JSON property content, just like Atom. Likewise, the RSS element pubDate is returned as the JSON property publishedDate to make the results uniform with Atom feeds. The JSON result format is useful if you only want to access standard RSS and Atom elements, and you don’t want to worry about the differences between feed formats.

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