Firefox 3: SQLite and more

The guys at have new interesting post describing the new features in the last Firefox Alpha 5 release. Check it out here:

Firefox 3 is to support SQLite for offline storage. The new alpha release tells us this and a lot more (below).

The world of the RDBMS has come to the browser, and has jumped from server to client in the Web platform.

  • Bookmarks portion of Places has been enabled
  • New crash reporting system, Breakpad. It’s
    enabled by default on Mac OS X, on about 50% of Windows installations, and not yet available on Linux.
    You can also view crash reports at this site.
  • New Javascript-based Password Manager. More details available here.
  • Support for Growl notification under Mac OS X
  • Support for native controls on Mac OS X
  • Miscellaneous Gecko 1.9 bug fixes

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