Ext 2.2 Released

extjs thumb Ext 2.2 ReleasedFew days ago ExtJS team announced their latest release 2.2 of the popular library. Here is a small list of the new features which made me impression:

CheckboxGroup / RadioGroup – Technically, while the individual Checkbox and Radio controls are not new, they may as well be, considering the overhaul they have had in this release. Gone are the ugly standard browser input controls, now replaced by attractive, visually-consistent Ext-ified versions (a long-overdue improvement). View example.

History – Another component that has been missing in Ext is a browser history utility to enable history stack navigation within your single-page Ext application. The new Ext.History singleton makes it extremely easy to do exactly that, and it uses an event-based API to notify you when the browser history has changed. View example.

MultiSelect / ItemSelector – These two components were contributed to Ext by community member TJ Stuart (thanks TJ). The MultiSelect is a traditional list control that allows for selecting multiple list items, and the ItemSelector combines two MultiSelects into a more sophisticated control that includes drag-and-drop list selection and bulk selection and deselection among other features. View example.

form file upload Ext 2.2 ReleasedFileUploadField – This is an official extension provided as a sample for implementing a useful form component. Not everyone needs a form upload component, but if you do, you can’t live without it. This control is fully styled and has an API consistent with other Ext form controls. It also supports both Text+Button (read-only text) and Button-only modes, and can participate fully in form layouts. View example.

Full Firefox 3 Supportff3 Ext 2.2 Released
* Grid columns were visually misaligned
* Ext.onReady stopped working reliably (our desktop demo stopped initializing correctly)
* The DatePicker width ran off the screen, making the control unusable
* The TabPanel contextmenu event stopped firing, killing the TabCloseMenu extension
* Window dragging stopped working correctly
* Various minor visual inconsistencies

Performance Improvements, Bug Fixes and Other Goodies
* New properties for differentiating Firefox version (Ext.isGecko2 and Ext.isGecko3)
* New support for deferred row rendering in the grid (the default), boosting render performance significantly
* Refactor of EventManager to improve how event handlers are managed, which should help alleviate IE DOM leaks
* Fixed the “small PNG’s can cause performance issues in IE7″ problem
* More than 100 additional fixes and improvements

Consult the 2.2 release notes to get a complete listing of all changes.
Download it from here.

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