Ext 2.0 Alpha Release!

ext2 Ext 2.0 Alpha Release!

The development of Ext 2.0 continues to move forward with some exceptional new features being rolled into the framework.

The team has really focused on enhancing the desktop-like experience that Ext already provides by introducing new functionality, improving performance and keeping the overall file size down.

New Features

Ext 2.0 framework and will make developing desktop-like application substantially easier. These include:
* Scrolling Tabs
* Highly configurable single-level column grouping capabilities as well as summary rollups at the group level.
* Anchor layout in forms to ensure a consistent size and position for form fields regardless of browser size.
* Treeviews that support additional columns for each leaf node.

New 2.0 Samples

Prior to this release, the demos for Ext were consolidated into the API viewer making it cumbersome to differentiate what was a demo and what was part of the API document viewer. We have now detached the demos and organized them onto a standalone page. The applications are also grouped into specific subsections to allow Ext developers to drill down into applications that show specific Ext functionality.

Portal Samples

Building dashboard-style applications similar to iGoogle or PageFlakes are all the rage so we’ve included a demo application as a foundation for building a portal application. The demo includes functionality for smooth repositioning of the portlets via drag and drop functionality and each portlet has the standard minimize and close functionality found in similar dashboard implementations. In addition, each portlet has a settings icon which is bound to a custom event handler and allows Ext developers to define behaviors that their users can apply to specific portlets.

More samples here

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