Dojo 0.9 lands softly

logo Dojo 0.9 lands softly
Can’t miss that one also, few days ago the guys from Dojo Foundation released new version. Check out their post here:
The Dojo Foundation is proud to release version 0.9beta of The Dojo Toolkit. Though still in Beta, 0.9 is a better, faster, and more cohesive way to incrementally upgrade the Open Web and make your applications shine.

The Toolkit has undergone a massive transition: countless numbers of community man-hours, seemingly endless questioning of sacred cows and assumptions, and hard work towards a unified goal have gone into producing this milestone release. There are warts in this beta, and you can help us even them out by filing patches and bugs, add comments and content to the Porting Guide, and start pushing the components to the edge.

While the 0.4.x branch helped us build great applications and learn a lot, 0.9 is a fresh start. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be talking more about what decisions went into 0.9 and why we feel it’s the best Dojo ever, but some points bear emphasis:

SPEED: Stripped of all ‘excessive’, redundant, and backwards-compatible code, the new Dojo core is a speed-demon. It consists of a streamlined, compact Base (aka: dojo.js) which provides a plethora of reliable features for you and your application to expand upon. Our goal was to keep the new Base under 50K on disk and we’re happy to say that even with the many improvements to it since M2, Dojo Base still clocks in under the wire and gzipped it’s even smaller: 24K. The base of the new widget system (dijit.js) is even lighter, weighing in at 21K on disk and 11K on the wire.

Accessibility: one of the main goals of Dojo’s 1.0 release is accessibility. We want to put the power to build great web applications in everyone’s hands, and that means applications that are also great for everyone. Dijit (the dojo widget system) is striving to make all aspects of the Dojo Toolkit accessible via keyboard navigation, accommodate screen readers, and work in high-contrast mode for visually impared users, while still maintaining its elegant and customizable structure. Much of that work is already done as of Beta and it shows. Try tabbing around the examples on IE or FF and you’ll see how a focus on a11y makes the components we provide better. Again, our heartfelt thanks to Mozilla and IBM as well as David, Simon and Becka11y (the a11y team) for their continued efforts on everyone’s behalf.

Theming: Dijit is entirely customizable. Shipping with a default theme named ‘Tundra’, a structure has been established with which to create your own personalized sytle of Dojo, on a per-page or per-node or per-widget basis. All dijit look and feel is CSS-based, and easily extendable. Look at any of the Dijit examples and you’ll see that there’s no magic about how the CSS gets loaded or applied. Want to provide your own theme? Just create an allegory to tundra.css and you’re off to the races!

Documentation: a new version of our venerable web-based/html API tool is is in the works. Following a strict style guide, and documentation standards, we’re working hard to make Toolkit code nearly self-explanitory. Where it’s not, the new API system supports in-place updates of the documentation via the web interface and comments on any node so that you can share your experiences, common usage patterns, and frustrations about any API with yourself and your fellow Dojo developers. We expect this new tool to be integrated with the main site very soon.

While a few of the public API’s may change before 1.0, those changes will be minimal, and we are confident Dojo is stable enough to being building apps with. And though we’ve been working hard these last months, like any open source project, it is almost entirely community supported. We need your help and feedback to pick out all of the world problems that occur. Whether you file bugs, contribute to the book, help flesh out the porting guide, or answer questions in the forums, everything you contribute helps and is greatly appreciated.

We would like to thank everyone involved in making this milestone beta release a reality. Without tremendous personal effort and organizational fortitude and support, 0.9 would not be happening. We’ve taken a great risk and it has only come this far because the Dojo Team pushed it this hard. In particular, Eugene, Adam, Scott, Owen, Becky, Craig, Bill, Tom, Torrey, Doug, Jared, the rest of the new committers, and the old hands who have so deftly guided the process all deserve hearty, well-earned thanks. Salud.
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