Coolite offers dotNet and ExtJS controls

We were waiting for quite some time to see this happening. After having so big variety of JavaScript libraries it was about time to see one of them build in into ASP.NET controls. Coolite has the answer!
coolite Coolite offers dotNet and ExtJS controls

These guys are the creators of the killer app called DateJS which we wrote about way back in November. Now the continue with the good work and created Coolite suite. It includes:

* Powerful integration of the Ext JavaScript Framework.
* Full Design-Time support in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 & 2008 and Visual Web Developer 2005 & 2008.
* Drag-and-drop ease of use.
* Current support for Window, Panel and a many Form Controls including DatePicker, Calendar and HtmlEditor.
* New Controls being added weekly.
* Dual Licensed (LGPL 3.0 and Coolite Commercial License).
* Professional support options available shortly.

coolite2 Coolite offers dotNet and ExtJS controls

From the form controls they have included

* Calendar
* CheckBox
* DatePicker
* FieldSet
* HtmlEditor
* NumberTextBox
* RadioButton
* TextArea
* TextBox

Check out some examples here

6 thoughts on “Coolite offers dotNet and ExtJS controls

  1. Thanks for the post about Coolite. More awesomeness is coming soon.

    What browser did you take the second screen capture in? the capture with the “Vacation Details” in it. Looks like the Calendar is stretch 100% (which is shouldn’t be). Just interested so we can track down why.

    Thanks again.

  2. @Geoffrey McGill

    Hi, just checked how this control should look like in IE6 🙂 Looks really better.

    For the screen shot I used Firefox 3.0b3. Hope this helps!

    Any thoughts for Data Grid control? Maybe with paging and sorting?


  3. Thanks for the update. I’ll see what we can do to pound the Calendar positioning back into place for Firefox 3 support.

    I’m working on the Grid right now. I’m hoping to have something available publicly before the end of the Feb-2008. Support for TabPanel and ViewPort is also coming real quick.

  4. @Geoffrey – I have managed to implement the ExtJS data grid into dotnet wrapper for my usage, but still interested to see your version. Also noticed you have added TabPanel control in 0.4.0 version which is also nice.

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