Aptana Studio 1.0 Released!

here Aptana Studio 1.0 Released!
The guys at Aptana Labs have done great job again. They finally released stable version of Aptana. Here is part from their message to all of us:

We are very proud to release Aptana Studio 1.0 (formerly Aptana IDE). After over two years of non-stop development and over a million downloads, we have finally reached “1.0″. Along with the release of 1.0, we have also created two editions of the product: Community and Professional. The Community Edition is the keystone of the Studio product, where all core features and capabilities are developed. The Professional Edition brings additional features and services beyond the free Community edition.

Some of the new features we’ve added to Aptana Studio 1.0 Community Edition:

* CSS Preview
* HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Formatting
* Code drag and drop
* Visual ScriptDoc Explorer
* Enhanced Dynamic Help System
* Tons of User Interface Polish

Some of the extra features we’ve added to Aptana Studio 1.0 Professional:

* JSON Editor
* Internet Explorer Debugging
* Remote Project Creation
* FTPS and SFTP Support
* Reporting Engine

Besides new features, the Professional Edition also includes priority support and access to the latest nightly and prereleased features across all of our development, including RadRails, PHP, Adobe AIR, and iPhone support.
Aptana Studio isn’t the only product we’re working on, and you’ll see more from us soon. In the mean time, if you are using Aptana Studio professionally, support our efforts by ‘going Pro’. Whichever edition you chose to use, Community or Professional, we look forward to your feedback, feature requests, and comments. It is our community that helps us build a better product — a product that ultimately is for you.

Get started by visiting their home page and read all about it!

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