AjaxPro Beta with jQuery Support

Michael Schwarz has provided small example how to implement AJAXPro with jQuery and JSON support. Here are some valueable links and the actual code:

“I forgot to put the beta version online that will support jQuery and json.js from http://www.json.org. You can download the latest beta of the AjaxPro library at http://www.ajaxpro.info/download/jQueryAjaxPro.zip. The download currently includes only the .NET 2.0 library including a Visual Studio .NET 2005 Web Site project.

The C# AjaxMethod

I added a very simple AjaxMethod HelloWorld which will only return a string and get one argument. The reason is that I don’t have included the new JSON converters which will be ready in the next days.
public static string HelloWorld(string s)
return “Hello ” + s + “!”;

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