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he Slide Show is a simple to use application of the Google AJAX Feed API that is designed to let you add photo slide shows to your pages, sites, and blogs. The slide show control takes photo feeds from all popular sites, such as PhotoBucket, Flickr, and Picasa Web Albums. Any feeds that use Media RSS can be used without customization. However, the slide show control allows any photo-based feed to be accomodated, such as iTunes feeds similar to those found in the Tune Bar solution or the custom feed example below.

The Slide Show control is highly customizable, allowing you to specify options such as the number of photos to display, display and transition time between photos, how the photos link back to their source, etc.

Adding the Slide Show to your page is a snap. The easiest way is to start with our sample “hello world” sample. If you want to tweak the code even further, we have a complete Slide Show Programming Guide available for you to learn from.

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3 thoughts on “AJAX Slide Show

  1. This sample above is actually the flash based Picasa-only slideshow released by the Picasa Team. The AJAX Feed API version looks a bit different and can take any feed and is javascript based.

  2. good point, havent noticed that in the hurry!

    will correct it when having more time 🙂

    probably went too excited when saw new Picasa feature 🙂

    thanks for the comment 🙂

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