It is best to consult with a professional and licensed AC repair company if your AC unit is not working as it should. however, we always recommend home owners to be covered by a home warranty program that can take care of all the expenses that comes with these repairs, visit and get all the details.

In most states there are no laws requiring all home-built equipment to be built to the minimum standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) NFPA 18. However, with modern high-efficiency appliances like heat pumps and AC units, it is wise to build them to NFPA 18 standards to be more safe for your home and family.

While NFPA 18 does not apply to all models of AC units, it does apply to all AC units that use cooling fans as a cooling power source. For example, heat pump and variable speed air conditioners.

What Are the Environmental Requirements for Using a Heat Pump or Variable Speed Air Conditioner in a Homeschool Setting?

In general, using an AC in homeschool settings should follow NFPA 18. The only major exceptions are heat pumps and air conditioning units. These are appliances that are not controlled by the AC, but require the use of air conditioning.

Why would I want to use an AC in my homeschool? In homeschool settings, AC units and heat pumps are a necessity in order to prevent excessive heat (or lack of air) in the classroom. A heat pump can help to balance the air flow in the rooms and can also help to avoid the potential loss of air to excessive humidity in classrooms. Many homeschool families who use air conditioning units have to limit their use of the unit to avoid the potential health hazards associated with the use of unvented heat pumps.

Air conditioning units and heat pumps in homeschool settings require that a user has a good understanding of what is involved with the usage of AC units and heat pumps and how to properly set-up the unit and control the system when the unit is in use. In fact, when using a heat pump or air conditioner in a homeschool setting, it is very important to have a knowledgeable and qualified professional (often referred to as a HVAC tech) installed on the home school student’s team to work with them as they are setting up and maintaining the unit. For more information regarding home school-specific installation requirements, please refer to the HVAC page on this website.

We also encourage homeschoolers to have a HVAC professional installed on their team to ensure the best results with their equipment, especially when it comes to ensuring that the HVAC tech is properly trained in the use of the equipment. HVAC services are provided to homeschool homes

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