210 Ajax Frameworks and Counting

Interesting reading which I found on ajaxian.com. Its about the count of available frameworks. Of course all the numbers are quotes from Google spreadsheet so the exact number is still secret. But the tendency is clear – more ajax frameworks than last year. Here is the whole article:

A year ago, I posted this article showing a count of 134 Ajax frameworks, according to the frameworks area on AjaxPatterns.org.

Today, a recount shows there are 210 Ajax frameworks and libraries listed on the site – the real figure is probably much higher, and by the same token, some of those listed may well be past expiry date. And there’s probably a miscount or two in there, or a duplicated framework – so take it all with a grain of salt! In any event, this means around 1.5 new frameworks per week, a little less than the previous period (around 1 every 3 days from December, 2005 to May, 2006). This time round, there’s a more detailed breakdown available as a Google Spreadsheet, counting by language and framework category. There are 79 pure-Javascript frameworks and 131 server-side frameworks, up from 58 and 76 last year.

Pure Javascript

Multipurpose 37
Remoting 19
Graphics and Effects 6
Flash 3
Logging 5
Specialised 3
Subtotal 79


4D 1
C++ 1
Coldfusion 4
Eiffel 0
DotNet (+ASP/C*) 19
Java 44
Lisp 1
Lotus Notes 2
Multi-Language 11
Perl 2
PHP 38
Python 5
Ruby 1
Smalltalk 1
Tcl 1
Subtotal 131


The Ruby count caught my eye: one, but it’s a biggie :).

What does this mean? That a Java developer has 44 frameworks and libraries to choose from? No, the more accurate answer would be around 130-odd. That’s 44 Java, around 8 multi-language (most of the multi-language frameworks offer Java plus one or more other languages) and 79 Javascript frameworks. If you’re still rolling your own XMLHttpRequests or visual effects, now might be a good time to start investigating the alternatives.

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